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Call of Duty 4
Call of Duty: Rcon Tool 11.3.1

This readme file contains all the information you need to get Call of Duty: Rcon Tool installed and set up on your computer and troubleshoot the latest issues that may arise during installation and setup.

Changes 11.3.1:

  • TeamStatus: Fixed bug when trying to manage an empty messages database.
  • TeamStatus: Removed hard coded fake players from the TeamStatus list.
  • Join server: Fixed bug for when joining server via CoD RT with RCON parameter disabled.
  • Connect on startup: Fixed bug for automatically connect on startup.
  • Tabspace color:Fixed bug for tabspace backcolor not changing when changing theme runtime.
  • Connection errors:Connection errors won't appear in message boxes anymore but in messagebars.
  • Punkbuster:Ability to ban a GUID on multiple servers at once using the Punkbuster panel.

Changes 11.3 :

  • • Static info: Added possibily to edit own triggers.
  • • Window state: Main window remembers maximized state when closing/opening.
  • • Window state: Fixed crash bug when executing the /def (default main window measure) command while maximized.
  • • TeamStatus PM: Fixed bug which still shows the application name when sending a PM using TeamStatus even when turned off.
  • • TeamStatus: Added ability to add custom messages.
  • • TeamStatus: The popup menu does show up on right mouseclick, not on left mouseclick anymore..
  • • Console/Chat: Added auto complete feature to the console and chat textfield.
  • • CoD WaW: Supporting CoD WaW 1.6.
  • • Startup: Added ability to add more servers to startup.
  • • History PB: Added ability to change Private Reason (right mouseclick).


  • Download the file below
  • Run the installer

Additional Info:
File name: CCoDRconTool11.3.1.exe
File size: 14.9 MB
Type: Software

Admin Note: Latest Released Version: 11.3.1
Download Rating Details
Total Votes:1
Overall Rating:10.0000
Additional Download Details
Compatibility:CoD (UO), COD2, COD4:MW, COD:WAW
Filesize:14.96 MB
Added on:Jan-20-2010

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